New customized WordPress websites built, installed & maintained – all for the cost of your monthly hosting.

Turn-key, maintenance-free WordPress websites for clients on a budget who want a professional website with content they can update themselves.

We’ve been building custom WordPress websites for businesses large and small for almost two decades. Our clients come to us for fast, reliable sites with intuitive design that reflects their brand identity.

These sites aren’t cheap foreign-built themes, and they’re not build-your-own drag-and-drop junk sites. We’re a small Austin, Texas-based business that has built our reputation on building fast, clean, secure WordPress sites that are proven marketing tools for our clients.

Think of it as owning a race car for the price of a moped.

How It Works

Step 1

Choose your look

Every layout we offer was designed for lead generation and intuitive usability, so you can relax and choose the one you like best knowing it will do the job.
Step 2

Choose your package

Just need a one-pager with some information and photos, or do you need a more robust site with interactive content, SEO and other marketing functionality? Choose the package and pricing that works for you! Not sure what you need? We can help.
Step 3

Send your content

Provide us the address of your existing website or send your content and we’ll get to work building your site! Need help writing copy or finding high-quality images? Not to worry, we’re happy to assist.

Sit back and relax!

No maintenance required! We take care of it all – hosting, backups, security and code updates. You can put your money and your energy into what really matters – running and promoting your business.


Get Crafted

Join the list of thriving businesses who rely on us to craft better websites! Millions of business owners know they need to overhaul their site, but it’s expensive and it’s a hassle so they procrastinate. Over the years we have seen patterns emerge. See if you fall into one (or more!) of these categories:

My old site needs help!

“My site…
– used to be high on the search engine results and now it’s not there”
– won’t resize for mobile”
– loads slowly”
– only looks right on certain browsers”
– looks outdated but I don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in it.”

Your website serves as the hub for all of your marketing – print, digital and word of mouth. To convert leads and grow your business, your website needs to load quickly, look great, and position your business and brand to compete with the biggest competitors you have.
Google and other search engines are constantly changing their algorithms to keep up with internet technology advances. These days, in order to achieve the SEO results you want, your site must be mobile friendly, browser compliant, and have other features that ensure a positive user experience. Even if your site seems to look and work fine, getting it mobile friendly and Google compliant can often require an expensive rebuild.
Hiring a designer is expensive, time consuming and takes a long time from start to finish. Even with a design team performing the build, it still takes many hours of decision making, design reviews, meetings and content editing on your part, and then you still have to personally figure out how to deal with hosting fees, security, backups, and ongoing maintenance – or pay a high monthly fee to a firm to handle that for you.
Who has the time and money to do all that?
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I built a DIY WordPress site - but it's having trouble!

“I built a WordPress site that was working but now it’s broken!”

WordPress isn’t a service – it’s an open source platform. That means you have to maintain the code, theme, plugins, php, and all the other parts that make up the infrastructure of the site. If you don’t keep up with all of those things or pay somebody to do it for you, eventually your site is guaranteed to have problems.
You’re not alone in your frustration! As recognized WordPress experts we get calls every day from folks who were tech-savvy enough to get their site up and running, but then get stuck when the site breaks or runs into performance issues. Understandably, they don’t want to pay big money to have a professional site built, or to fix a site that they built themselves that isn’t professional quality to begin with. That’s why we’re now offering HS Crafted sites!
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My plugins are messing up my WordPress site!

“What’s the matter with my plugins?”

Plugins can be so tempting, but they can cause huge problems. They are designed by anybody who wants to build one and there is no real quality control other than community feedback – this means there can be a plugin designed by a hacker in his mom’s basement positioned right next to a plugin launched by Google, looking every bit as legitimate (especially if he got all his friends to download it a hundred times and give it twenty  reviews).

Even the best plugins can go bad and hobble your site or open pathways to malware if the author stops supporting it, or if the code becomes incompatible with WordPress core updates. Some popular plugins are even downright dangerous, with built-in secret back doors that enable malicious code to invade your site. (Why else would it be worthwhile for some of these small-time developers to provide them for free?)

“So, how can you tell a good plugin from a bad one?”

The unfortunate news is that you can’t, really – not without investigating the code to make sure it is properly built and compatible with your site, which takes a trustworthy expert. Even some plugins that have millions of happy users will work well on one site, but break another depending on your theme, server and WordPress configurations.

HS Crafted sites only use plugins that we have complete confidence in, and we maintain them for you 100%.

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Building a WordPress site is more complicated than I thought!

“I thought building a WordPress site was easy, but it’s more complicated than I thought!”

It looks so easy! Install WordPress on your server, buy a theme, install some plugins, and go to town.
If you’ve tried to build your own WordPress site and have spent countless hours only to throw your laptop out the window in frustration, you’re not alone. Making a well-designed WordPress site work takes skill and know-how.
You’ve probably found that even the first steps of installing the WordPress platform and theme on your server can be confusing and time-consuming, or that configuring the theme you chose is tougher than you thought it would be.
Truly dependable WordPress sites require investing expert help, which can come with a high price tag and take time to direct and manage. Or, you can just get a HS Crafted site and spend your time and money on growing your business instead of tearing your hair out trying to set up your site!
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I can't make my site look like the theme I bought!

“I bought a beautiful theme, but I can’t figure out how to make my site look like their examples!”

This is a common problem! Most themes are more complicated to set up than it might seem from the example layouts and the descriptions from the developers.
Purchased themes can also be problematic, as many themes available for purchase even on well known third-party sites are built overseas on the cheap and have a variety of problems that rear their ugly heads down the road – security issues, browser and mobile compliance problems and others.
Just like with plugins, developers will have their friends download the theme and leave positive reviews to try and generate sales.
With HS Crafted sites, you don’t need to worry. We do it all for you and your site is built and maintained entirely in-house, right here in Austin Texas.


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I tried an online builder but I don't like my website!

“I tried using a site builder service but it’s harder than I thought, and my site looks terrible!”

“Drag and drop” site builders make it look so easy, and tell you your site can be up within hours. Well, sure, you can have a few boxes with text and some photos – but to build a site that looks great and functions properly is another story altogether.
We have helped countless frustrated business owners who come to us after having spent weeks trying to figure out how to design and assemble their site using an online site builder. Paying a designer to go in and fix up your drag and drop site can cost as much (or more!) as designing your own site from scratch, and that doesn’t even include the monthly fees!


Forget the hassle of building your own site and let us do it all for you with a HS Crafted website.

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I need a high quality site to compete, but my budget is limited

“I know I need a site that outshines my competitors for my business to succeed, but I have a limited budget”

New businesses need a website to start marketing, but they also usually don’t have much room in their startup budget for website development. This can be frustrating for business owners who understand the value of a high quality site, but don’t have the money and time to invest.

With HS Crafted, not only do you get a first class website that will outshine your most established competition – you get it for a fraction of they they paid! No need to pay thousands for a website – put that startup capital and extra time towards equipment, employees, advertising and all the other things your new business needs to succeed.

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I was burned by a bad designer!

“I trusted the wrong person to build my site and am regretting it, big time!”

Unfortunately, there are a lot of “web designers” out there who look legitimate but don’t have the proper skills and know-how to build a solid WordPress website. We hear all the time about designers who deliver sites that don’t look or function like they were supposed to, build sites that look ok at first but then start falling apart, or stop returning calls as soon as they get paid.

Many small businesses with a limited budget turn to overseas help to try and get a quality site without breaking the bank, but over time end up spending way more fixing the site than they would have by using a high quality local designer.

Countless clients come to us after spending thousands on what they thought was a good deal, only to realize later that what they actually own is a junk site that was built on a faulty foundation. All too often the only realistic solution in this type of situation is to rip the site apart and rebuild properly from the ground up, which is expensive and terribly frustrating.

With HS Crafted sites you can sleep soundly knowing that your site is built and maintained right here in Austin, Texas by experts who have a proven track record building professional quality WordPress sites. We stand by our work, and you can always feel welcome to contact us!

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I don't have the passwords I need!

“Somebody else has the passwords and I can’t make changes to my site!”

This is a common situation that we sadly run into a lot, as web design industry is full of unethical people. Clients come to us for website updates but can’t regain access to their sites to make updates because their designer, a past employee or some other person has the keys.

We can build virtually any site and recreate your existing content without having to log in, and once your HS Crafted site is built you have control of your own content and can update it yourself! If you lose your password it’s easy to recover. If you decide to leave us, for a reasonable export fee we are happy to package and deliver your content so you can install it elsewhere.

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Websites with more traffic, more exposure and less work.

HS Crafted sites are our turn-key, maintenance-free solution for clients who want a high-performance website that looks, feels and functions like an expensive custom build – but without the hefty price tag or maintenance headaches. Just choose your site, provide your content and we take care of the rest!